What is journey? An experience, learning and path of three D’S i.e. voyage of dreams and desires to the destination. Everybody says LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, yes indeed it is. But deep down we know that life’s journey is full of hardships with beautiful result. But aren’t those hardships meant to make us as strong as rock so that we can sail through the journey staying strong?

During the sail through the ocean the ship sometimes encounters rough weather and tsunami breakers. It loses balance, loses its way, and sometimes loses many lives too. The same thing happens in our life too. We get distracted from our goals, lose the path towards our destination, lose our relations with our closed ones, we move ahead leaving some people and things behind to reach to that port. But let’s not forget that the ocean is not always rough, it’s smooth too, and it’s like backbone to you to support you to sail through the voyage. It is very well said that Sun and Moon both shine, but when it’s their time. So we need to wait for our time to come and sail through the journey without losing will to reach to port. It is also said that when there is a commitment and determination, there is a way, so let us keep our will high and break every hindrance of the path to achieve our goals.

Remember: You are the only sailor of your sail; nobody will sail for you to reach your destination.




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